What Is CardSnoop Pricing?

CS Pricing is a proprietary algorithmically-based card pricing methodology developed to reflect card sales that occur outside of eBay.

Why should I trust CardSnoop to accurately report non-eBay sales?

CardSnoop has been the unquestioned pricing leader since its development in 2012, every time eBay has made a change, CardSnoop has adapted. The Hobby has changed since 2012, people are buying and selling in many new ways, and much of this is happening off of eBay. CardSnoop pricing recognizes this and is the next iteration in pricing leadership from CardSnoop.

What does your algorithm do?

Our algorithm removes the human element from card sales reporting. Why? Because people have an incentive to inflate card sale prices, and practice all manner of chicanery to inflate the values of cards they own, and we just can't pass on bad information to you.

Where are you getting sales data from?

Our algorithm is proprietary, and, in an effort to prevent our competitors copying us, we don't disclose exactly where or how we're getting sales data. With that being said, we will disclose sources that we DO NOT use, as we feel they are ripe for manipulation: